Over a decade of development and billions invested

IQOS is a product worth switching to.

IQOS Heat Blade Technology

The science behind the vision.

Great tobacco meets great technology.


IQOS is a better choice than cigarettes.

It provides real tobacco taste and satisfaction with no smoke, no ash and no cigarette smoke smell.

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Open IQOS pocket charger in white

IQOS generates a tobacco vapor that contains on average 90% lower levels of harmful chemicals compared to cigarette smoke*.

Based on the scientific evidence so far, switching completely to IQOS is likely to present less risk to your health than continuing to smoke cigarettes.

Important information: IQOS is not risk-free LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR SCIENCE

*Average of the reductions in the concentrations of a broad range of harmful and potentially harmful chemicals measured in the IQOS vapor compared to those measured in the smoke of 35 cigarette brands available in Switzerland. Reduction calculations exclude nicotine.

Homme chargeant un Pocket Charger IQOS

IQOS combines heat not burn technology
with unparalleled precision.

At the heart of the innovation is a blade made of ceramic incorporating platinum, gold and silver tracks, allowing IQOS to heat, but never burn, tobacco.

IQOS Heat Blade Technology
White IQOS device

With an innovative three-part design system.

It starts with HEETS - small heated tobacco units made from real tobacco. The experience is completed with a sleek IQOS holder that heats the tobacco and delivers the real tobacco flavor you enjoy. Once the heated tobacco unit is finished, it can be removed from the holder. The IQOS Holder can be inserted back into the charger.

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IQOS is changing the lives of millions of adult smokers.

Almost 5 million adult smokers have already made the switch to IQOS.