HEETS Dimensions - Discovery Set

HEETS Dimensions is a new and limited edition that consists of three variants: Apricity, Ammil and Noor: all included within this discovery set, ideal to try all of them and choose your favorite! 

Discover more about these three new unique flavors here.
Apricity is a rich tobacco blend coupled with subtle ripe stone fruit nuances and woody notes complemented by velvety creamy sensations. 
Ammil is a delicate mix of fresh* spices and herbal notes accompanied with an underlying twist of creamy sensations. 
Noor is an elegant tobacco blend fused with warm nutty sensations delicately balanced with zesty notes and fruits aromas.

Each HEETS Dimensions Discovery Set contains 3 HEETS packs:

1 HEETS Dimensions Apricity
1 HEETS Dimensions Ammil
1 HEETS Dimensions Noor

*This product contains menthol. Flavourings should not be confused with the additives contained in tobacco sticks. Find out more: www.philipmorris.ch.

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