IQOS Automatic Delivery

Get your favourite tobacco sticks conveniently delivered to your home each month! Simply set up your standard order by choosing your favorite variants, the number of bundles, your preferred delivery date and sit back!

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IQOS ILUMA™ is designed to be used only with TEREA™ sticks. Do not use IQOS ILUMA™ and TEREA™ sticks with previous IQOS™ generations, as this may cause damage to your device. Do not ingest or disassemble TEREA™ sticks. This product contains a sharp metal part which can cause serious injury if swallowed. Keep out of reach of children.

See important information.

Your most important benefits at a glance



You only have to place a standard order once. We deliver what you want - when you want it. Deliveries are free of postage, and you are conveniently charged by credit card or PayPal.

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You can customize your standard order in your dashboard at any time. Both the variants and the number of bundles as well as the delivery date. Of course, you can also pause or cancel the service at any time. 

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Advantageous prices

You benefit from attractive member prices* on tobacco stick bundles. Simply add to your basket the tobacco stick variants of your choice to see your member price.

* A maximum of 6 tobacco stick bundles can be purchased at Gold or Platinum member prices every 30 days, as of the respective date(s) of each purchase. If you reach the maximum within 30 days, the Silver member price will be applied to any further purchase(s).

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Various rewards

These include 50 IQOS CLUB points as a welcome gift, 25 points per bundle, a further 15 points per delivery and free samples of new variants.

How it works


Create your order.

Choose the variants of tobacco sticks, the number of bundles and the desired delivery date.


Sit back and benefit.

We deliver on time and exactly what you ordered. You will be charged conveniently by credit card or PayPal.


Adjust your order at any time.

You can adjust the variants and number of bundles, change the delivery date and pause or cancel the service at any time.

** Up until the cut-off date for each delivery, with a maximum of 90 days between deliveries. Terms and Conditions

Useful information

Customising your service

Giving you ultimate convenience and flexibility, the IQOS Automatic Delivery service lets you customize your order to suit your taste with the variants you wish, a minimum of two (2) and up to a maximum of six (6) bundles per month. Once you’ve chosen your variants and quantities, you’ll be able to select your preferred delivery days or dates, and the location you’d like us to deliver to in Switzerland. Future deliveries run on a regular schedule that is visible when you log in to view your dashboard, and we will email you a confirmation each month when your order has been validated. Don’t worry if you ever need to change this, as you’ll always be able to edit any aspect of your regular service anytime you need, right up until to the cut-off date each month, which is when we process your order for delivery. The cut-off date will always be visible at the top of your IQOS Automatic Delivery dashboard. Please note: One bundle of tobacco sticks contains 10 packs, each of which contains 20 sticks.

Changing your delivery

You can make any changes to your upcoming delivery by logging into your account at any point before the Cut-Off date each month. This includes revising variants and quantities (up to the maximum number of bundles), in addition to changing the delivery location within Switzerland, and days or dates. If you make a change to the items in your order, or the delivery address, and don’t make any changes afterwards, this will become your new standard order, delivered to you at the same address each month. If you need to change your delivery date, you have the option to reschedule just your next delivery so that it better suits you, by either bringing the date forward by up to a week, or delaying it by up to a week.  Any subsequent deliveries will still be delivered according to your initial chosen date range.  Or you can choose to revise the delivery date going forward, by selecting a new date range each month. There is no limit to the number of times you may change your order or delivery details, as long as you make any revisions before the cut-off date each month. Of course, if you’re happy with your order and delivery details as originally configured you will continue to receive your order and deliveries as scheduled. You may also skip a delivery or two, up to a maximum of 90 days between deliveries. Once your designated deliveries have been skipped, your service will automatically resume as planned. Please note: 
If a delivery is already in the process of being shipped, it will still be delivered on schedule, and you will be charged as normal.

Signing up

You can sign up to the IQOS Automatic Delivery service at any time, and there is no minimum or maximum commitment period. Payment can be made with Credit Card (VISA, Mastercard, AMEX), PayPal, PostFinance,TWINT – your choice, and you can change this anytime you wish.  Your monthly IQOS Automatic Delivery will start on the date you specify, once you’ve submitted your payment details, accepted the terms and conditions and activated your first order. Payment will be taken as each order is processed, and you’ll receive a confirmation each time via email. Delivery will take approximately 1-4 business days. When you first sign up, as a new IQOS Automatic Delivery user you will receive 50 IQOS CLUB welcome points (only valid once per user). Please note:

  • The IQOS Automatic Delivery service is only available to adult IQOS users who would otherwise continue to smoke or use other nicotine products
  • It is not available for companies, partnerships, associations, or other legal entities
  • The IQOS Automatic Delivery service sends you privileged information only when you have accepted to receive marketing communications
  • If you withdraw from receiving marketing communications, you will no longer be sent information on offers and benefits.


You are free to cancel your IQOS Automatic Delivery service at any time, for any reason, and without any cancellation fee, by simply logging into your account. However, if, at the time of your request to cancel, you are beyond the cut-off date for changes to your next scheduled delivery, you will still receive this delivery as scheduled, and you will be charged as normal. The cancellation of your service will then be effective after this final delivery. No other payments will be due, and any IQOS CLUB points you have earned will stay in your IQOS CLUB account. Even if you have chosen to cancel your IQOS Automatic Delivery, you can always log in to your account at any point in the future to reconfigure or reactivate it.  Please note:

  • You are always able to change, skip, or reschedule the service at your convenience
  • Your IQOS Automatic Delivery cannot be transferred or gifted

Some important advice

  • Tobacco sticks and IQOS are alternatives for adult smokers who would otherwise continue to smoke or use other nicotine products. It is not for people who have quit smoking or have never smoked.
  • Tobacco sticks and IQOS are not risk-free. For more details, please refer to our Important Information.
  • The best way to reduce tobacco related health risks is to quit tobacco and nicotine use altogether.