Device collection bag

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Device collection bag


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As soon as you have an IQOS product in your shopping cart, you can add up to 2 device collection bags free of charge.​



Please add to the basket the IQOS Exchange program product only.



No more than one IQOS Exchange product allowed.

Do you have an old IQOS device in your drawer at home? Whether it still works or not, you can send it back to us for free using this Device Collection Bag.

How it works:





Add a free Device Collection bag to your order.


Once you receive the bag with your order, fill it with the device(s) you want to return. The bag can fit 3 or more devices depending on the model. The device does not have to be complete; you can also return the holder or pocket charger only.


Once the bag is filled, send it back to us for free (all our bags are pre-paid) as a package via the Swiss Post (yellow mailboxes or post offices).

Depending on the condition of the device and IQOS model you give back to us, if the device is beyond repair, our recycling experts will break it down into its component parts. If it's still repairable, we refresh it and find a new owner.

You can also bring back your old IQOS device(s) to all our IQOS Boutiques in Switzerland, leaving them at the designated drop-off point with the support of our staff (no device collection bag needed in IQOS Boutiques).