Real Tobacco Reimagined.

IQOS is a product worth switching to.

With tobacco sourced
from the best farmers.

Brazil. Greece. The United States. Malawi. All producers of the world’s finest tobacco who work directly with us as part of our Good Agricultural Practices program (GAP), our comprehensive commitment to improve the lives of millions of people who rely on farm work.

Farmer harvesting tobacco leaves
IQOS white pocket charger, white holder, and HEET stick
White IQOS holder

We've redesigned the tobacco experience for our times.

HEETS are shorter than regular cigarettes, since no tobacco is lost due to combustion. The result is a more efficient product that comes in smaller, easy to carry around packs.

Small packs. Big variety.

Delicate or bold. Menthol or amber. Our ever-growing range of HEETS variants has something for every adult smoker. Find your favorite.


Voluptuous & Round

A full-bodied blend with pleasant warm and malty notes. The sensation in the mouth is generous and velvety.


Generous & Balanced

A balanced blend with a lightly toasted and nutty notes enhanced by a rich texture.


Mellow & Bright

A mellow blend with refreshing tonic notes enhanced by subtle zesty nuances.


Mellow & Fresh

A refreshing menthol product with subtle zesty notes.