Take Back program

Help us reduce waste

Don't you think your tobacco sticks and old devices deserve a second chance? 

Thanks to your support in collecting used tobacco sticks and old devices, we will help reduce littering and waste created by our products. By introducing a convenient and free Take Back program, we aim to transform the used tobacco sticks and to give your old IQOS devices a new chance. 

Ready to play your part? 

To return your old IQOS device, click here.

Continue reading below to find out how it works for HEETS and TEREA tobacco sticks.

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Collect your used HEETS and TEREA sticks after enjoying them.

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After filling the collection bag, return it to us for free via mail or in an IQOS Boutique.

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We take care of the rest by sending them to our recycling partners to be transformed into something new*. 


*If you want to learn more about what happens to the returned tobacco sticks please follow this link.

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Make it happen

How it's done
Products you can return for recycling
The collection bag offers an all-in-one solution: both TEREA and HEETS sticks can be returned together in the same bag.
TEREA Sticks*
Used with IQOS ILUMA devices
HEETS Sticks*
Used with IQOS 3 DUO and earlier generation IQOS devices
*If you want to learn more about what happens to the returned tobacco sticks please follow this link.
97% of IQOS adult users said they don't want used tobacco sticks to end up as litter on the streets.** We agree. Which is why we launched our Take Back program. Will you take part?


**Online survey conducted in Japan, Russia & Germany with 718 IQOS adult users in April 2021.
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