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Jan 20, 2021


The regular feedback which we keep receiving from you is very important to us. It gives us the motivation to continue to improve our products so that we can deliver a consistently perfect flavor experience to you.



We have made a number of technological changes to the tobacco sticks, so as to ensure that IQOS will provide you with an even more satisfying experience.

We have optimized the distribution of the tobacco in HEETS sticks. Now you can insert them more easily into the holder, because the heating blade gets more space. In addition, the air can now flow better through the HEETS sticks, resulting in a more consistent tobacco vapor throughout the entire time you use IQOS.

Lovers of menthol flavors will certainly appreciate the improved mentholization technology, for a consistent menthol taste that is evenly distributed from start to finish.



- No changes have been made to the composition or taste of tobacco blends.

- The new improvements have no impact on the duration of the user experience


We trust that we’ve been able to increase your satisfaction and give you and even better IQOS experience.


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What exactly is different in the new tobacco sticks?

We have improved the tobacco sticks with the user’s overall experience in mind. We modified the tobacco layout so as to create the optimal space for inserting the heating blade and thus to ensure better airflow throughout the entire time you use IQOS. There is no change in the ingredients or the tobacco blend; no impact on taste.


Is this change only done in Switzerland or globally?

It is a worldwide change. Though the availability of improved tobacco sticks may vary from country to country.


Do the improvements concern all HEETS variants?

Yes. Our nine different HEETS variants will be improved one after the other in the next weeks. Soon you will have even better experiences with all your favorite flavors.


How does the improved mentholization technology work?

We’ve made a product improvement to deliver a consistent menthol throughout the entire experience. The menthol is now directly applied on different tobacco sticks parts. The menthol solution that is being used is the same as before.


Will the intensity of the menthol flavor still be different from variety to variety?

Yes, the HEETS Turquoise, Purple Wave and Green Zing will still be different in their intensity.


Is there the same amount of nicotine?

Yes. The stick delivers the same amount of nicotine as before due to our know how of enhanced nicotine extraction with the same tobacco blend, while distributing tobacco differently inside the stick. This allowed us to improve the overall experience with the same level of nicotine as before.


Should I continue rolling the tobacco stick between the fingers before inserting it?

No, as it may damage the tobacco layers inside the stick. With the optimization in the stick, the insertion of your HEETS tobacco stick now glides smoothly into your holder.


If you have further questions or need any additional information please contact our call center: 0800 050 000.